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Week of Monday Wednesday Friday
Jan 17 Introduction
Basic coordinate geometry
Units and Conversions
Jan 24 Collision Detection Trigonometry
Collision Detection Lab
Jan 31 Dot Product Vector Cross Product
Vector Class Lab
Parametric Equations
Feb 7 Wrap-up and Review Unit One Exam Kinematics
Feb 14 Free Fall Motion
Projectile Motion
Integration Methods
Projections Lab
Newton's Laws of Motion
Feb 21 Free Body Diagrams Friction and Wind Resistance
Accelerated Motion Lab
Feb 28 Orbital Motion Force and Motion Lab Closest Points
Mar 7 Wrap-up and Review Unit Two Exam Transformation Matricies
Mar 14 Spring Break
No Classes
Spring Break
No Classes
Spring Break
No Classes
Mar 21 More Transformations Concatenations
Closest Point Lab
Work and Energy
Mar 28 Power Scaling and Translations Lab Momentum and Impluse
Apr 4 1D Collisions Work and Energy Lab 2D Collisions
Apr 11 Wrap-up and Review Unit Three Exam Rotation Operators
Apr 18 Quaternions Concatenations
Physical Collisions Lab
Rotational Kinematics
Apr 25 Moment of Inertia Rotations Lab Torque
May 2 Rotational Dynamics Rotational Motion Lab Rotational Motion Lab continued
May 9 Review Unit Four Exam Final Review
May 16 Final Exam 3-5pm
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