Tentative Schedule

This is a tentative schedule for the sequence of topics, dates for the labs, homework due dates, and dates for the exams. Please keep in mind that events throughout the semester may necessitate a change to this schedule. If a change is required, we will be sure to provide as much notice as possible.

Week Monday Wednesday Friday
Week 1 Aug 21-25 Introduction
Collision Detection: Spheres and Circles
Lab:Collision Detection: Part I
Cartesian Vectors Cartesian Vectors
Week 2 Aug 28 - Sept 1 Parametric Equations
Lab: The Vector Class
Kinematics Free Fall Motion
Week 3 Sept 4-8 Labor Day
Labor Day
Trigonometry Projectile Motion
Week 4 Sept 11-15 Vector Angles
Lab: Linear Accelerated Motion
Inverse Trigonometry Dot Product
Week 5 Sept 18-22 Vector Projection
Lab: Vector Angles
Review Unit One In-Class Exam
Week 6 Sept 25-29 Friction
Lab: Force and Motion - Part I
Spring Forces & Wind Resistance Gravitation
Week 7 Oct 2-6 Work and Energy
Lab: Force and Motion - Part II
Conservative Forces Force Gradients
Week 8 Oct 9-13 Cross Product
Lab: Work and Energy
Closest Points Collision Detection (AABB & Line Segments)
Week 9 Oct 16-20 Momentum
Lab: Collision Detection: Part II
Review Unit Two In-Class Exam
Week 10 Oct 23-27 Recoil and Rockets
Collision & Momentum Flowcharting
1D Collisions and Reflections 2D & 3D Collisions
Week 11 Oct 30- Nov 3 Matrix Arithmetic
Lab: Collision and Momentum
Matrix Scaling and Translation Matrix Rotation
Week 12 Nov 6-10 Rotational Kinematics
Lab: Matrix Transformations
Torque Rotational Dynamics
Week 13 Nov 13-17 Complex Numbers
Lab: Rotational Dynamics
Review Unit Three In-Class Exam
Week 14 Nov 20-24 Quaternions
Lab: Rotational Dynamics (Wrap-Up)
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
Week 15 Nov 27 - Dec 1 Review
Lab: Quaternion Rotation
Review Review
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